Faster Wi-Fi officially launches today

The next generation of Wi-Fi has been trickling out over the past year, but this week, its launch is going to accelerate. The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that oversees implementation of the Wi-Fi standard, is launching its official Wi-Fi 6 certification program. That might sound boring, but it means the Wi-Fi 6 standard is truly ready to go, and tech companies will soon be able to advertise their products.

The best password managers of 2019 and how to use them

Ditch the sticky notes and get peace of mind. Our favorite password managers will be your first defense against getting hacked.

NASA: Two asteroids will fly safely by Earth this week, so just chill

If you search for asteroid 2000 QW7 on Google and Twitter, you will see words like "rogue," "skim past Earth" and "panic." Don't panic.

products you never knew you needed

A "good" cup of coffee means something different for everyone, ranging from a cup of dark, almost chewy truckstop coffee to a lighter-bodied pour over made with meticulous measurements and timing. Even if you feel satisfied by your usual go-to cup of joe, there are products out there that can take your coffee to the next level.

How to Secure Your Browsing With Mozilla's Free Firefox 'VPN'

There is no doubt in my mind that Mozilla is looking hard—very hard—at all the different ways it can monetize the Firefox web browser going forward.

Firefox is testing a VPN, and you can try it right now

Last week, Mozilla said its Firefox browser would block third-party trackers for everyone by default and yesterday, Mozilla announced a new product that could give Firefox users even more privacy on the web: the Firefox Private Network, which claims to be “a secure, encrypted path to the web” — essentially, a Firefox-made VPN (though Mozilla never calls it one).

Gigantic radio-emitting bubbles discovered at the center of our galaxy

They're hundreds of light years tall.

The center of our galaxy is super weird, and it just became weirder thanks to the discovery of two of the largest structures ever observed in the Milky Way. Scientists say they've discovered a pair of "radio-emitting bubbles" that stretch hundreds of light-years tall, forming a sort of cosmic hourglass dwarfing everything else in the galactic center.

iFixit tears down the newest Fairphone—how repairable is it?

The Fairphone 3 gets the full iFixit treatment and a 10/10 score

NASA’s Hubble Finds Water Vapor on Habitable-Zone Exoplanet for 1st Time

Its size and surface gravity are much larger than Earth’s, and its radiation environment may be hostile, but a distant planet called K2-18b has captured the interest of scientists all over the world.

Debian 10: Playing catch-up with the rest of the Linux world (that’s a good thing)

The Debian project, the upstream mother of countless Linux distributions, has released Debian 10, also known as "Buster." And yes, that's a reference to the character from Toy Story. All Debian releases are named after Toy Story characters.

The Fairphone 3 is just as modular and repairable as claimed

The Fairphone 3 is that rare gadget that’s designed to last, not to be quickly replaced through a relentless cycle of planned obsolescence. What the €450 phone lacks in specs is made up for in value with a modular design that’s meant to be repairable, according to the company. It’s a claim that was put to the test with an iFixit teardown.

Google Chrome now lets you send web pages to other devices

Google is starting to make its Chrome 77 browser update available to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android this week. While there are many visual changes to Chrome this time, Google is introducing a new send webpage to devices feature. You can right-click on a link and a new context menu will appear that simply lets you send links to other devices where you use Chrome.

80,000-year-old footprints reveal Neanderthal social life

A group of footprints left behind in muddy sands 80,000 years ago gives us a better idea of what a Neanderthal social group would have looked like long before Homo sapiens showed up to ruin the neighborhood.

Weakness in Intel chips lets researchers steal encrypted SSH keystrokes

Researchers are warning that, in certain scenarios, attackers can abuse DDIO to obtain keystrokes and possibly other types of sensitive data that flow through the memory of vulnerable servers.

Apple Arcade debuts with a new take on Frogger

There's a giant baby in sunglasses in this game.

When Apple Arcade launches on September 19th, it will include Frogger in Toy Town from Konami and Shinsekai Into the Depths from Capcom, both of which are exclusive to Apple Arcade.

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Another Tesla driver apparently fell asleep—here’s what Tesla could do

Yet another Tesla driver has apparently fallen asleep behind the wheel while his car cruised down the freeway. The latest video comes from the Boston area, where a local man caught a video of a Tesla driver and his passenger slumped over while their car barreled down Interstate 90.

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